Cat Loves Sinks So Much Her Parents Bought One For Her

Love for sinks was one of many mysteries of cats. Even if we buy them the fanciest fountains and loveliest water bowls, they flagrantly do not care. Instead, they will drink out of the sinks or bathtubs. And sometimes, they use them to sleep and play.

Lazuli is a cute cat who loves sinks so much she can spend most of her day sleeping and hanging on them. Her family discovered her favorite habit soon after they welcomed her into their house. They adopted her and her sister Lapis when they were just tiny kittens.

“She kept sneaking into the bathrooms as we were leaving them to relax in sinks and then would yell for help when she realized she was stuck in there without the rest of her pack/pride,” Brennan, Lazuli’s dad who asked that his last name not be included, told The Dodo.

Lazuli will spend several hours a day just hanging out in the sinks around her house. She loves them so much that, eventually, her parents decided to buy one for her and put it in the sisters’ own room.

“It was only like 30 bucks which isn’t really much more than most cat trees and toys, so it was worth it,” Brennan said. “It’s not even heavy like you would think so it was easy to set up for her.”

When Lazuli realized she got her very own sink, she couldn’t contain her happiness on her face. And her reaction was absolutely priceless.

“She’s essentially saying … ‘Really?! My own sink just for me,’” Brennan said.

Now, Lazuli uses her sink whenever she wants and it is exclusively for her. And luckily for her, her cat siblings aren’t that interested in it.

“It’s quite popular in the summer, but only with Lazuli,” Brennan said. “The other cats don’t seem to care about it.”

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