Kitten Walks on All Fours for the First Time and Finds Tabby Cat to Be His Life-long Companion

A kitten got to walk on all fours for the first time and found another tabby cat to share his life with.

An orange tabby with two twisted back legs was brought into Chatons Orphelins Montréal earlier this year, in need of help.

Despite being unable to use his hind legs to walk, the kitten refused to let it limit him. He would try to lunge at a feather toy and chase after it, giving it his all and playing his heart out.

With the help of volunteers and veterinary staff, the kitten received much-needed medical care, so he would have a chance to walk and run like any other cat.

“Rubbix (the kitten) was very small and young when we got him. He didn’t notice any difference,” the rescue shared with Love Meow.

“We wanted to give him every chance to have a normal life he deserves. He had surgery on both hind legs to prevent his condition from worsening as he grew older. It was a success.”

Just one day post operation, the kitten was already up on all fours and decided he would take a stroll around the clinic. Over the next couple of weeks, he continued to heal and make great strides in the comfort of a foster home.

“Despite having to endure the Cone of Shame, he was always in good spirits, running and jumping around with his now functioning back legs.”

Around that time, a dilute tabby named Mabrouk came to the rescue after he had been found wandering outside all alone. The 10-week-old kitten was in need of medical attention and a lot of TLC.

“Even though he had always been outside before he came to us, he cried nonstop and constantly wanted to be catered to,” the rescue shared.

With proper care, good food and lots of soft things to snuggle with, he recovered from a kitty cold and turned into a full-fledged cuddle-bug.

Knowing how much he needed a companion, the rescue planned to introduce him to other foster kittens when he was healthy.

Once Mabrouk was ready to socialize, he hit it off with Rubbix, as if they had always been brothers.

“The two are not from the same litter, but they are very close like littermates. They follow each other and are often found sleeping snuggled together.”

Rubbix may not be the biggest hugger with humans, but he thoroughly enjoys cuddling with his feline brother. Mabrouk is an attention seeker and a purr machine. He is very gentle with Rubbix and always looks out for him.

After many weeks in foster care, the tabby brothers were ready for adoption. They hoped to find a home together as they shared an unbreakable bond.

A wonderful family came across their story and knew they couldn’t separate the two.

“They reached out to us and wanted to give them a home together. It was the perfect match,” the rescue shared with Love Meow.

The two best friends have started their new chapter together with their forever family. They continue their daily snuggles by the window or in a cat tree.

The tabby boys crossed paths with each other on that fateful day, and have been inseparable ever since.


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