Man Recovering From Surgery Wakes Up To Find A Strange Cat Snuggling Him

Andrew Falloon is an MP in the New Zealand parliament, representing Rangitata. He is also an active Twitter user and typically he tweets about things in his constituency. But recently, Andrew shared a picture of his father, who was recovering from surgery, sleeping and cuddling with a cat.

The adorable photo of Andrew’s dad holding hands with a cat only had one problem, he wasn’t a cat owner.

“My dad hasn’t been the biggest cat person so I think he was as surprised as anyone when Mum woke him up,” Andrew said.

And as all cat lovers know, hanging out with a cat can make you feel better and as it turned out, this was the case with Andrew’s father.

His parents later learned that the cat’s name is Ziggy. He’s a friendly neighborhood kitty who’s been known to drop by other people’s houses on occasion to say hello.

“Dr. Ziggy stayed around for a bit of a smooch, but then took off to his next appointment,” Andrew added. It was just the sort of attention and care that Andrew’s father needed and Ziggy instinctively knew this.

What an amazing kitty – way to go Ziggy!

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